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The completeness and speed of its indexing by search engines, which do this in accordance with the established restrictions, depends on the logic of building the site. There are many reasons that can interfere with the correct indexing of a resource and its individual pages. To fix problems and optimize the site is a task for professionals.

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SEO experts who have extensive experience in successfully promoting Internet resources, are well acquainted with the laws governing the ranking of search results for leading search engines. Effective measures for successful search engine optimization of sites will help bring your site

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to the first lines of the list of search results.

Why Digital Marketing?

We remove unnecessary redirects that interfere with the correct indexing of the site, configure the necessary ones and adjust the server responses.

On-Page SEO

We do not allow search engines to index non-informative and technical pages of your site - only useful content is indexed.

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We set up the correct internal linking on the main landing pages and sections of your site to improve navigation.We configure the correct operation of XML and HTML site maps in order to improve indexing and accelerate the reindexing of changes made to the site. We set up the correct meta-data on each landing page of your site taking into account search phrases to improve the relevance and better presentation of your site in the search.


When determining the relevance of a document, search engines take into account not only text and official elements of documents, but also “external factors”. Without constant work with external factors, it is very difficult to achieve success in website promotion in search engines. Our experts will help you cope with these tasks.


We install only “high-quality” external links to your site and delete the “bad” ones - the presence of poor-quality links puts your site at risk of falling under the filters of search engines.


We register your site in our own directories of search engines, third-party business directories, including regional ones, and aggregators of services provided by your company.


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